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Modern Products ” Romo International & Partners Co. ” is characterized with careful design, nice-looking form and matching Jordan and world standards. Therefore, the Company’s products are wide accepted by all the Jordanian people, culminating in obtaining the international quality certificate. So, it became the first brand name among the famous and shiny brand names in Jordan and in the world, which made it the best among all the producers and importers in Jordan and abroad. As a result, the Company made its start to universality.

” Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. ” , whose brand name is ” Romo International “, is the pioneer of gas heaters industry, not only in Jordan, but also in all over the world. Therefore, it constitutes the leading methodology of innovation and creation by including modernity and high-quality advanced technology into production, by seeking self-sufficiency and then by taking steady steps towards exporting and expansion in production, so that it can includes several types of heaters. Also, the Company seeks expanding in the domain of renewable energy. on the other hand, one of the most important causes which lead to success and long-term sustainability is to truly follow the international standards and metrology and to learn about world’s industry, seeing that it reflects the experiences of the past’s producers and makes us start from the point in which the others finished. ” Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. ” is one of the most prestigious companies in Jordan and the region. First, we started as an engineering company 40 years ago, then we directed our activity to gas heaters industry; where we are the main manufacturers of heaters, water heaters and gas cookers in Jordan. These products are carefully designed, nice-looking and matching the standards of Jordan and the world, which made ” Romo International ” the primary brand name among the famous and shiny brand names in Jordan and worldwide. Therefore, we are distinguished from the other producers and importers, whether in Jordan or abroad, then we achieved our goal and went further to all over the world. So, we can prove what we say by mentioning that ” Romo International ” products are in every house, especially heaters which gained the confidence of all the members of the society from all the social and economic classes, in addition to the spread of our products in the other markets. For this reason, we are seeking to keep pace with modern developments and to obtaining the international approval certificates of quality. All these things became the best promotion elements for our products; where we produce them in accordance with the international standards which made our brand name registered in several countries in the world. Every day, we seek to produce every thing that is new and modern. As I mentioned before, in the first place we are specialized in the gas heaters which we developed to become heating and cooking machines, too. The ” Romo International ” brand name moved from local to international thanks to its quality and accordance with international standards and metrology. That what we have been working on for 40 years to make ” Romo International ” the brand name of confidence and to make it acceptable to everyone. The ” Romo International ” is a big title for the success of Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. . So, it is essential to point out that Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. conveys a social massage which aims to provide the majority of the society with cost-effective and high-quality heaters, because we take into account people’s needs and seek to manufacture what they really meet with those needs. Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. is one of the companies with multiple activities, although its name is linked to heaters. On the other hand, we are the pioneers of our different activities by seeking to be special in producing high-quality goods so that it deserves bearing ” Romo International ” brand name. We are the pioneers of producing heaters, solar lighting systems and water heaters which work with renewable energy. Therefore, we added new equipment and fittings to achieve the mentioned goal. In addition, the trained technical staff in order to attain the high-level of quality, accuracy and excellence. Now, we are aiming to create world-wide industrial and commercial opportunities, after we succeeded in our expanding spread in the local markets. Our sustainability and success at Eid Dahdal & Partners Co. within a renewing time are due to our non-traditional method of work that we follow and to the continuing effort for keep pace with the newest technologies, whether through our production lines or through our productions. We start from where others finish and develop it so we can launch creative and advanced products to achieve the final purpose of the manufacturing process, which is presenting high-quality products. From this point, we developed a new generation of the heater products of ” Romo International ” which were produced with a new and modern design and advanced technology to make it easy for any Jordanian to use heaters. This made ” Romo International ” take an attractive form which is convenient for all the social classes. In addition, the affordable price, beauty and good performance in accordance with international quality standards. Also, at ” Romo International ” factory we produce perfectly through the production lines from the level of manufacturing the external metal structure of the heater to the final level of production. The ” Romo International ” Company was founded more than 40 years ago. Through this period, it gathered the experience of these years and sketched the outline of the first factory for heaters, water heaters and gas cookers in Jordan with a strategic vision, a high professionalism and a broad base of important clients of various nationalities. All of that is in order to give a creation whose essence is based on the values of dedication, loyalty and commitment towards clients.


Thanks to God, then to our commitment to the international standards and bases, the ” Romo International ” brand name obtained the British certification for quality and optimization ISO ( the International Standards Organization ). Our company is the one and may be only which obtained ISO certification, whose products are matching the international and European standards ( CE )

Made in Jordan Certificate

Obtained Production Quality and Industrial Excellence of Amman Chamber of Industry under the title ” It was made in my home country, Jordan “. Moreover, we obtained the Swiss ISO certification for quality 2015/900, which came as a fruit of the efforts of producing excellent products with an excellent design through manufacturing the ” Romo International ” heaters. We, at the ” Romo International ” Company, as pioneers believe that the high quality of our products that have the phrase ” Made in Jordan ” is the keys of sustainability and excellence, and this is what we have been seeking for as a company. The above-mentioned companies, which are committed to excellence and quality standards, are capable of withstanding in the face of the situations which not only affect Jordan, but also affect the international markets. That is by producing excellent products which gain the confidence of the Jordanian consumer and of the foreign markets and open new horizons for exporting, which means improving our formula of economic balance.
” Romo International ” Company’s Mission The “ Romo International ” Company is aiming to have a conscious future vision in order to keep up with the house different heating systems especially gas heaters and what is related to facilities or institutions with the purpose of saving people’s money, providing them at low cost and making them commensurate with people’s economic and living conditions.
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